Oxford Major 200

The Oxford Major 200 is a true heavyweight contender. Its high lifting capacity and lightweight design allow the Major 200 to work well in almost all settings. This excellent hoist, from a leading manufacturer, features an emergency lift and lower function and a manual leg spreader. Easy push, low profile castors provide clearance under most furniture and over a variety of surfaces, with the rear castors being braked for added safety during use. The Major has an angled boom to assist with lifting from the floor, and a large push handle that helps steer the hoist with ease. The spreader bar is also padded for even more patient safety.


Maximum length: 1300mm (51") Maximum overall height: 1930mm (76") Minimum overall height: 1380mm (54.3") Maximum Spreader Bar Height: 1725mm (68") Minimum Spreader Bar Height: 525mm (20.7") Spreader Bar Height at Maximum Reach: 1200mm (47.25") Spreader Bar Reach at Maximum Height: 630mm (24.8") Spreader Bar Reach at Minimum Height: 490mm (19.3") Maximum Reach: 720mm (28.3") Turning Radius: 1310mm (51.6") Legs open external width: 1230mm (48.5") Legs open internal width: 1140mm (44.9") Legs closed external width: 660mm (26") Legs closed internal width: 580mm (22.8") Overall height of legs: 100mm (3.9") Ground clearance: 15mm (0.6") Front twin castors: 75mm (3") Rear Braked castors: 100mm (3.9") 2 point spreader bar Weight of Mast and Boom Assembly: 23kg Weight of Base Assembly: 19kg Overall Weight: 42kg Maximum user weight: 200kg (31st)