Chiltern Aquamaster

Combining durable stainless steel with modular construction the TransAqua range of shower chairs offer flexibility for both user and carer. A polished stainless steel frame offers resistance to corrosion and ensures a durable, long lasting finish for extended life.


Seat Aperture type Padded - Standard Platform seat with oval aperture - Option Seat depth - 44; 53; 55cm Seat height - 50cm Seat width - 36; 39; 43; 46; 49cm Push handles Bar or handles - push handles Function Over WC (sanitary) chairs - Standard Commode - Standard Shower - Standard Footrests One-piece - Option Swing away - Standard Detachable - Standard Footrest Fold up - Standard Individual - Standard Dimensions Capacity - 200kg Armrest height - 26cm Base Method of propulsion Mobile - Option Static - Option Backrest Rigid plastic - Standard Tubular - Standard Padded - Standard Detachable - Option Armrests Detachable - Standard Padded - Standard Tubular - Standard